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Adopting a Friend

expectant puppy

How to adopt


1.  Download and complete Adoption Application. This will be reviewed & discussed with potential adopter.

2.  Vet reference check (to verify that all previously owned pets have been spayed/neutered, kept up to date on vaccinations, etc…).

3.  Home Visit  (to ensure that area is a safe and secure place for animal).   Pet will be brought to this visit, adoption agreement is signed and adoption fee is collected …Pet is left with new owners at this time (we have a 2 week period before the adoption fee is deposited to ensure that the pet is a good fit for the new home and that the home is a good fit for the pet…after the 2 week period the adoption is finalized.)

Adoption Fees

Most dogs $100.00

Most cats $70.00

Download our adoption application here.

Attach and email to or simply click on the Adopt Me! link found in each animal's bio page.

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